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19.01.17 Simiskina / Alessandro Vicard

Interpenetration @ 茶々丸


Simiskina is a duo consisting of Jonas Cambien & Adrian Myhr, playing acoustic improvised music. The duo is based in Oslo and the music is rooted in Oslos vibrant scene for improvised music. Simiskina uses prepared piano and extended techniques on double bass to create multiple layers of ever changing rhythmic patterns, which occasionally grow together and flow apart again. Sometimes very dense, and other times open and meditative, the duo creates varied music rich on details and textures.
Both players have established themselves as notable improvisers in both Norway and abroad through a series of recordings and performances. Simiskina will release its first album as a duo on the Portuguese label Clean Feed in June 2017.

Adrian Myhr is a Norwegian bass player known from bands like Dr. Kay & His Interstellar Tone Scientists, Whirl, simiskina, Bansal Band, Oker, Humdinger, Pet Zoo and Myhr /Doneda. He is a very active and versatile musician, focusing on improvised music. He has played in the most important venues and festivals in Norway, and has toured much of the world.
Jonas Cambien is a Belgian pianist and composer, who has lived in Oslo since 2008. With a background in both classical music and jazz, he is active in the Norwegian environment for contemporary and improvised music, and playing in bands like Platform, Aksiom and Karokh. He also leads his own trio, which recently released its debut on Clean Feed Records, to critical acclaim.

Alessandro Vicard

Esplorazioni dal basso
Erforschung aus der Tiefe

Eine Reise von der Barockmusik bis zur Gegenwart ohne Grenzen oder Barrieren. Eine Expedition in die technischen und expressiven Möglichkeiten des Kontrabass, quer durch stilistische und idiomatische Unterschiede zwischen Komposition und Improvisation. Als Soloperformance eines Instruments, das vornehmlich begleitend, maximal phasenweise solierend in Jazzformationen bekannt ist, eröffnet Alessandro Vicard aussergewöhnliche Klang- und Seelenwelten des Kontrabass: Eine Rarität.

Mit Musik von J.S.Bach, Hans Werner Henze, A. Vicard, Giacinto Scelsi, Nicholas Maw und Rolling Stones.


Donnerstag, 19.Jänner 2017
Einlass: 19:00 Uhr
Konzert: 20:00


Baustelle Kultur in Graz
Lagergasse 98A // 3.Stock

Photo: copyright Alessandro Vicard

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