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ON LOVE | queerograd 017

What does Feminism stand for today?

02. 04.11.2017, Lagergasse 98 A, 8020 Graz

>> German version

In the course of hundred years from great October revolution initiated by female textile workers it is appropriate to ask our self: “Can we do it one more time?” or are  we lost in the jaws of postmodern relativity and variety.

This year issue of queerograd seeks to collaboratively explore contemporary positions of feminism. In contrast to the corporate or lean-in feminism – embodied in Hillary Clinton’s campaign for president or in the new established W20, a so-called G20 dialogue process –  we want to sustain our attachment to Left analysis, but to throw off the melancholic and conservative habits of the Left. In opposition to a legalistic, technocratic approach to women’s rights we want to use the feelings and sentiments — including those of sorrow, rage, and anxiety about broken promises and lost compasses –  to wake the critical and visionary feminist spirit again and through various artistic, theoretical and activist practices express our objects of love - In what we do believe and what we do stand for!

Entrance free / Evening concerts € 2-6

>> Long version ON LOVE


 »» Thursday, 02.11.17 ««

12:00        Brandrede: Anita Hofer & Reni Hofmüller
Performance in Public Space; Meeting Point: Sporgasse/Stiegenkirche

13:00        We Prepare the Space: Work-Session

16:00        Ladies Wrestling – Examine your own Power: Leni Kastl (Workshop)

19:00        Viewing Installations

                   Weapons for Peace: Daily Rhythms Collective                  
                   Tonträger: Barbara Schmid
                   HDM (Head Mounted Display): Barbara Schmid
                   Birth of Venus: Barbara Schmid & Ulla Sladek
                   Der Kirschkern: Maki Stolberg
                   Free Your Head - Wear YOUR Head Scarf :Leni Kastl
                   Feminist Roll Model
: Bixel Knipsel, Florentina Ardelean, Herr Karl,
                   Ludmilla de Arévalo, VJ

20:00        Performance

                   The Housewife’s Fatal Submission: Irina Karamarkovic & Daniela Fischer

21:00        Concert

                   Circle A

22:00        Performance

                   Grrrls Crew

 »» Friday, 03.11.17 ««

12:00         On Superwomen and Spring Universities
                    City Walk to biographical places of the feminist years from 1980 until today
                    with: Christina Lessiak & Eva Ursprung
                    Meeting point: Susanne-Wenger-Weg / vis-a-vis Attemsgasse

15:00         Weapons for Peace: Daily Rhythms Collective (Workshop)

20:00         Concerts



22:00         Performance

                    Grrrls Crew

 »» Saturday, 04.11.17 ««

12:00          Feminist Banquet: Lidija Krienzer-Radojević

                     With Contributions by: Ana Čigon, Ankica Čakardić, Coline Robin,
Daily Rhythms Collective, Felicitas Thun Hohenstein, Irina Karamarkovic,
Ivana Marjanović, Judith Götz, Leni Kastl, Lina Dokuzović, Natasa Mackuljak

21:00          Performance

                     Grrrls Crew

Bilder von der Veranstaltung

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